Software Engineer, Tech Lead - Global Network

Google, Ireland.

May 2022 – Present Full Time
Go Software Defined Networking
Working to Deliver Google’s NextGEN Global Networking Backbone.

After several years working as a Site Reliability Engineer, moved back to doing Software Engineering again. Building Software to Automatically Design, Deploy and Monitor Planet Scale Software Defined Networks for Google Global Networking.
- Leading the Planning and Design of Network Delivery Orchestration System for Google Enterprise Network.
- Designing Software System to continuously monitor Network compliance checks.
- Work closely with Network Engineers to understand the network designs and define the software representations of the design.
- Leading a team of 6 people to implement the alpha version of the Delivery Orchestration system providing technical guidance.
- Making decisions about crucial Technical Architecture and tools selection.
- Maintain continues communications with various stake holders and translate businees requirements to Technical requirements.
- Guide 6 engineer to grow on their technical carrer ladder, resolving conflicts and blockers.
- - -

Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering

Google, Ireland.

Jan 2020 – May 2022 Full Time
Go SRE Reliability Design
Worked in Access SRE team, managing and maintaining Google’s authentication and authorization Infra. Delivering Google’s Zero Trust BeyondCorp vision for both enterprise and cloud users, With a strong focus on security and reliability.
- Owner and Lead of Icepick and Uplink - Google internal solution for nonstandard application to adopt Beyondcorp Zero Trust Security model.
- Actively lead the SRE involvement in the implementation of Cloud version of the service - Applink & AppConnector.
- Designed and Implemented Reliable Web-socket Transport model for Icepick, Increasing service reliability by 70%.
- Implemented auto scaling system for Beyondcorp Infra, to support Googlers access to Google Enterprise Infra in the increasing WFH demands in Covid.
- Designed an automatic certificate renewal systems for 10K DMZ machines.
- Designed a continuous metric collection system for CLI tools from user machines.
- Member of kubernetes/minikube core team as 20% SWE Contributor.

Site Reliability Engineer

Booking.com, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Jul 2019 – Dec 2019 Full Time
Go Kubernetes Docker Grafana Prometheus
Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) for Core Infrastructure.
- Built tools to Administer multi cloud Kubernetes Infrastructures, Integrate it with development pipelines. Improved 80% Developer experience with automated application onboarding, reduced 35% of turnup time.
- Developed and Maintained monitoring pipelines using Prometheus, Grafana and Elasticsearch. The pipeline thousands of Kubernetes components in real time to ensure SLOs are meet.
- Managed both on-prem and cloud Kubernetes environments by writing Infrastructure as Code.
- Performed root cause analysis and implementing preventative measures to minimize disruptions.
- Designed an automation platform to support DC rack maintenance for on-prem Kubernetes nodes, automatically drains and undrains a node for maintenance.

Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Grab, Singapore.

Nov 2017 – Jun 2019 Full Time
Go gRPC MySQL Kafka Presto
As a Software Engineer for the Supply Shaping team, I am instrumental in driving the digital transformation of South East Asia. My responsibilities include:
- Designing, architecting, and building microservices to support 10M+ requests per day to support Grab Supply Shaping Infra.
- SRE liaison to support the reliability of team’s cloud infrastructure.
- Participating in the OnCall rotation and Engineering Postmortems process to ensure high availability and scalability of the systems.
- Collaborating with multiple teams and PMs to align software systems with business requirements.
- Contributing in the design and implementation process for scalable backend services for the Core Supply Shaping team.
- Lead a small team of 2 to design and implement a realtime event processing pipeline, processing 15M events per day.

Software Engineer

AppsCode Ltd, Bangladesh.

Apr 2015 – Nov 2017 Full Time
Go Java Kubernetes gRPC ElasticSearch PgSql
Building tools to make smother developing, testing, deploying and monitoring containerised application.
- Joined the company as #3 employee in a fast growing startup environment.
- Designed and Implemented the initial version of https://github.com/voyagermesh/voyager - an Ingress controller for Kubernetes.
- Led a team of 4 to design & implement multiple kubernetes operator such as KubeDB, Kubed etc.
- Leading the design and implement process of developing core features.
- Design and Implemented gRPC based API server and microservices.
- Designed and build unified artifact repository for docker, maven, npm and composer etc.
- Contributed to open source projects including Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker.

Systems Engineering Consultant

Pathao Ltd, Bangladesh.

Aug 2017 – Oct 2017 Consultant
Go Kubernetes GCP
Kubernetes and Infrastructure Consultant.
- Trained Engineers to understand the usage of Kubernetes.
- Bootstrapped Google Container Engine based cloud Infrastructure.
- Wrote developer system tools to help ease bootstrapping, monitoring GCE Kubernetes clusters.

Jr. Software Engineer

Bit Mascot Pvt Ltd, Bangladesh.

Nov 2014 – Mar 2015 Full Time
Grails MySQL
Backend Developer for WebCommander and AutoBill.
- Implementing product search and comparison functionalities for the WebCommander e-commerce platform.
- Developing a SQL library to reduce query complexities and improve query speed and developer experience.


Go C++ Python
Docker Kubernetes
ElasticSearch MySQL PgSQL Presto
gRPC Protocol Buffer
Kafka SQS
Prometheus Grafana Loki

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Became Tech Lead of Network Delivery Team

- Designing software to automate delivery of Planet Scale Network

Changed Role to be a Software Engineer for Google Global Networking Team


Joined Google As a Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering

- Managing Google’s authentication and authorization Infra

Moved to Dublin, Ireland


Joined Booking.com As a Site Reliability Engineer

- Working on multi cloud and bare metal kubernetes container architecture

Moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands


Became Dad of a Beautiful Prince

Designed Joule - Unit of Work Service - Kafka based Data aggregation and unification service
- Never faced any data or engineering issue still handling 20M+ event every day.
- Can be called reliable as never loses any data even in war times.
- Designed unitsdk for external teams to integrate with the service, being used without complain.

Learned Swimming

Learned How to ride a Bicycle


Joined Grab as a Software Engineer

Moved to Singapore

Contributed In kubernetes/helm

Contributed in Kubernetes

Building Voyager - Secure Kubernetes Ingress Controller by AppsCode

Became Collaborator of go-gearman


Participated in my 5th ICPC Dhaka Regional


Became Runner UP, IEEE RUET Inter University Programming Contest

- Team Name: MBSTU_Khajna_Dibo_Na

Started Learning GO


19th Position, National Collegiate programming contest (NCPC), 2014

7th Position - International Contest on Programming and System Development (ICPSD)
- Team Name: MBSTU_Khajna_Dibo_Na


Champion, MBSTU Intra University programming Contest 2013

27th Position, BUET Inter University programming Contest 2013


Runner UP, MBSTU Intra University programming Contest 2012


7th Position DUET Inter University Programming Contest 2011