Built At: Bit Mascot Pvt. LTD
Built With: Groovy Grails MySQL Javascript

An automated billing software to manage clients Billing. Manages automated invoice and Recurring Billing. AutoBill delivers extended functionality enabling any business, organisation or association to engage in online customer interaction much more efficiently. With a rich feature set including self-service customer portal, electronic invoicing and one-click pay now features, AutoBill makes it quick and easy for customers to pay – ensuring regular cash flow that is the lifeblood of any business.

In addition, with the demand for complex recurring billing and automatic payment processes greater than ever before, AutoBill delivers powerful features to do all the heavy lifting for you. With AutoBill, spend more time selling and less time processing invoices and payments.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Design and Implement various Client required Features
  • Fix BUGS
  • Work and update jquery based custom UI frameworks
  • Implement Business logic for various operations